And the Winner Is…

Know what? I had a great run. Even if all of the planets had aligned, and my time was still 32:20, I would have a had a great run. But here is the rest of the story:

As I’m sure most runners experienced, I didn’t sleep a wink Friday night. Also, ended up with a ‘dehydrating’ health problem in the wee hours of the morning that lasted for two hours. I forgot to take ibuprofen like I had planned, and didn’t drink nearly enough water before I left for the race, because, I um, have a nervous bladder before running events. We won’t even talk about the thyroid problems and food intolerance issues that prevent me from eating lots of runners’ specialties such as pasta, pasta and more pasta.

A shout-out goes to my partner in crime who drove me to the race and was a great inspiration to me, before and after! (But not during, because she is awesome and finished way ahead of me!) Thanks E.W! (Her time was 25:15!!)

So we got to the start line, and the only other 5K I have done had lots of portable potties nearby for the runners like me. Not this 5K. Oh dear. And in the relative heat of the morning and after our light jog to the start, I was parched. And there was no water anywhere to be seen. Oh dear. So I had some mental battles to fight as my physical body began to complain loudly that there were some issues that needed to be dealt with-right now! Then it was time to start running!

By the end of the first mile I cracked the whip and told my body who’s boss. And the water cups at that point were extremely welcome. I found a lady whose pace I thought looked sure and steady. She didn’t seem to mind if folks passed her and she ran like a clock…steady and strong. So I followed her almost the whole way. It was a crowded race, IMHO, with many episodes of elbow bumping. But I followed my muse in the pink racerback top and kept on truckin’. I was able to pull out the stops in the last fifty feet, but should have started earlier! I had a satisfying finish and didn’t knock the little girl down who kind of stopped right at the finish line almost in front of me. Sorry honey!

Strangely, my sh*n splints didn’t bother me hardly at all the whole way. In the end, I would say it was a good run. I suppose I won’t quit running after all. But I look forward to getting some medical advice about my up and coming issues that may actually improve my running experience. I think there is an Autism Awareness run coming up in July that I might stretch my wings for. We’ll see.

One thought on “And the Winner Is…

  1. ooh I think you should plan another run! You are so cool and awesome and Im stinkin proud of you. You could have used 10 or 12 legitimate reasons not to run, and you did it anyway! Superhero!

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