The International Language of Basketball

You may recall my post of 2009 (Christmas time?) called the International Language of Chocolate. This is a related event. My family had the opportunity to have a sleepover with a young man from China. He and “Dale” are basketball buddies, and he came over to spend the night. I’m kind of a pushy lady, so when they started hinting around that they were bored, I quickly announced that I had something I wanted our friend, let’s call him Harry, to do. I pulled up a giant map of China on our TV screen (remember, DH is a computer guru) and Harry obligingly gave us a great history/climatology/geography lesson on China. It was a neat visit. We fixed burgers/chicken/hot dogs on the grill, and can I just tell you how gratifying it is to see a growing boy chow down on some serious grub. I thought Dale ate a lot.

The next morning I drove him to the bus shuttle. He was so appreciative. Before we left in the morning, I decided to pack him a little lunch/breakfast. I don’t know what his fare is like back home, but I do know that bananas and PB&J travel well. I also slipped a string cheese in there…hopefully he got to it before it became unappetizing. There is something very gratifying about feeding people. Even if it is just a simple sandwich and a piece of fruit.

I think I have evasively mentioned my dietary troubles. To be a little more specific, I have achieved relief by taking whole grains out of my diet. This is depressing to someone who used to read cookbooks and cooking magazines for fun. But after feeding Harry, I realized that I can still derive joy from plying other people with the foods that I once enjoyed. I think I am going to pull out my favorite cooking magazine again, and start playing with the ingredients in my house that have been untouched for a couple months. I will fatten up my family members with great pleasure. I should mention that I am extremely grateful that I can eat veggies/fruits, meats and dairy with no trouble. Gardening season is upon us, and I see gazpacho in my near future.

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