Hot Hot Heat and Good Friends

“Hot enough fer ya?” My favorite Far Side comic of all time is the Nerd in Hell who pulls his hands away from the plate at the dinner table and says, “Wow! These plates are hot!” (He’s in Hell for goodness’ sake!) Ahhh sigh. Love it. So my original meal plan for the evening was Buffalo Wings and Celery with Blue Cheese dressing, or Ranch. It’s a family favorite; we fix plenty of barbecue flavor as well for the little ones. But with outside temps approaching 95, nobody wanted to cook. Salad night! How convenient that we had leftover barbecue chicken from our International Incident BBQ. Diced it, along with a tomato and an avocado, busted open the bagged salad, and a filling dinner was served with minimal effort. We started buying bulk paper plates too, so clean-up is no big deal.

And I just had to mention my uplifting thought of the day: I had a friend over today who said, “How much weight have you lost? You look great! I didn’t want to say anything almost, because it’s not like you needed to lose weight before…”  That really brightened my day. Thanks TM! Makes me want to keep on keepin’ on. But not outdoors. Definitely a treadmill day.

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