Pat a Pat a Pancakes

I bought a bag of rice flour to experiment with for baking. I made a loaf of bread in my bread machine using the rice flour in substitute of white flour cup for cup. It wasn’t until after I checked the machine during the knead cycle that I realized I ought to Google this particular substitute. I dinked around with the ‘dough’ in the machine by adding more water and some garbanzo bean flour as well until it at least had a batter consistency. The bread actually bound itself and baked. The loaf was crumbly, but not so much that you couldn’t slice it and spread mayo on it. I had been craving a ham sandwich! It was good and surprisingly filling.

If I could find my camera, I would love to photograph the rice flour pancakes I made this morning. I also experimented with cocoa for the kids’ white flour pancakes. FUN! The thing about the rice flour pancakes is I filled up after two cakes. What’s the deal? I like to put away at least four. There was a slight difference in flavor. The rice flour bread and pancakes end up being slightly mealy, but it’s not unlike the texture of corn meal which I like. I gotta find my stinkin’ camera…Okay found it. The first picture is the rice pancakes. Perfectly delish.

These are the kids' cocoa pancakes.


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