Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drummies

First of all, a shout-out to my Other Mother who gave me this awesome cooking magazine when I was recovering from my unmitigated gall (bladder surgery). Oops. It’s discontinued. Sorry. Anyway, it’s an awesome (did I already say that?) mag that has a ton of great recipes, and many of them serve 12 or more! I love mass quantities of food. This recipe comes from there. We had it last night; it was delish. Sadly, I only bought one package of drumsticks so everyone got one. Except “Tori” who gets what she wants, whenever she wants it. She stole a second one. (We had a guest too.)

The drummies are coated in sugar and spices

The recipe calls for twenty drumsticks, and like I said, we only had 8. So I halved the recipe and still had a lot of yummy coating left over that I threw out. It called for one cup of sugar, and then tablespoons and teaspoons of assorted other spices: paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper. Then they sat in the fridge for eight hours. I served the chicken with mashed potatoes and crookneck squash, the only thing my garden is producing this year. A ton of it.

Gluten-Free Shopping

I made it to the natural foods store before Saturday! This is a big deal, because they aren’t open on Saturdays. I found their gluten-free section and went C-R-A-Z-Y! Here’s what I got:

Starting my gluten-free pantry!

I was so excited to try my tapioca hot dog buns. I tried them! Moving on. *cough*

I have tried gluten-free pasta before; it’s okay. The trick is to eat it fast while it is still hot. It hardens very quickly as it cools. And we shall see what the bread machine mix produces. I also bought xanthan gum and potato starch because there is a recipe for “Walrus Bread” that I want to try. It uses garbanzo bean flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, xanthan gum etc. I’m not in a hurry to make bread because I keep forgetting to by margarine at the store. DOH! So what’s the point. I also found an amazing blog that you should check out if you’re into gluten-free stuff. She is so cute, and the food looks scrumptious. I almost bought her book today, but my budget has to catch up with my wants. While you’re reading this, me and DH are hauling it to Chicago for our 18th Anniversary! YAY! I will have to blog about the food we eat there next.

I Sit (Stuffed) Corrected

You got me, KS. I can add Burritos to my list of delicious Mexican food that I can eat.


Melted cheese and toasty corn tortillas

She also brought flour ones for the family to enjoy!

Peek at the spicy shredded chicken and black beans inside...

The burritos had a spicy chicken and bean mixture. There were delicious and filling. My only regret is that I don’t have more stomachs. Which reminds me, the other night my son, “Cole” said, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have an external stomach? (Um gross, no.) Then he explained, “it’s like an external hard drive. You could taste, chew and swallow your food, but then it would go to an external stomach so you could eat more!”

Bring It.

As in, dinner.

See what happened was this. I made my little blog post about Mexican food, and a dear friend found issue with the fact that I don’t make burritos because of the flour tortilla factor. She set out to prove me wrong. So tonight, she is bringing my family burritos, and apparently I will be able to eat them as well.

Tune in later for my review of the gluten free burritos!

I told her my next blog post is going to be about how I can’t eat chocolate cake. Wink.

Why Mexican Food is Nectar of the Gods AND a Gift from God

Let’s just talk about a few Mexican recipes for a moment. My family’s FAVORITE is “Taco Salad”. Maybe it’s not strictly Mexican, but it is has all of the important staples such as tortilla chips, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce etc. you get the drift. Then there is my personal favorite authentic Mexican meal: Tortilla Soup. I would add the recipe, except I think I already did more than once on this blog. Those broiled toms and onions whirred with oil and then simmered with chicken broth…oh delight! (I am simmering the broth right now. The thing is, tortilla soup is actually just an excuse for me to eat an ENTIRE avocado at one meal.) A few nights ago we had tostadas, and let me tell you, we went ALL OUT with toppings. In addition to the standard lettuce and tomatoes, we also had minced onion, chopped black olives, plain yogurt and limes. The tostadas were divine, and people could put whatever they wanted on them. One child just had the meat and cheese for example. Hey, when the food is served in separate dishes like that, it’s legal. Then you have your standard crunchy tacos, black bean soup, enchiladas, chili. You might be thinking right about now, ‘ hey, you forgot to mention burritos, chimichangas and soft tacos!’. Actually no. The reason Mexican food is a gift from God is that it doesn’t require wheat/white flour. When you are gluten intolerant like me, this is crucial. So sadly, flour tortillas are usually left out in my kitchen. We can have a week of meals without me feeling deprived. Mexican food is filling, flavorful, delicious, easy to prepare, various and marvelous. I have some friends from Mexico who have also shared even more authentic recipes with me, such as chorizo and papas, and zucchini and corn. YUM!

Extra avocado please!

Now let’s talk about why Mexican food is nectar of the gods.

  • Fresh produce
  • Texture
  • Spice
  • Health
  • Vegan
  • Meat-lover
  • Variety

Think about it. A vegan and a tried-and-true Texan can sit down together at the same meal and leave the table satisfied. Additionally, you can have as much heat as you want. One of my kids has ketchup on their taco salad. Another of my kids (okay, DH) dumps the Tabasco on like it’s going out of style. The textures of Mexican food satisfy every culinary desire. Refried beans, shredded chicken or beef, ground beef, crispy lettuce, firm tomatoes, crunchy corn, smooth buttery avocado…choose any three and make a quilted texture explosion in your mouth! Consider also that true Mexican food is very healthful. Fresh produce is a must for a great Mexican meal. The best veggies represent the Mexican flag! Red toms, red chili peppers, green lettuce, sweet peppers, jalapenos, white onions, garlic and white corn. The combination of vegetables and satisfying corn and beans or meat or both…it’s a fiesta for your tummy. And finally, while Jim Gaffigan makes a humorous point in one of his stand-up routines about Mexican food having the same four ingredients, you can still have a week full of meals that are just different enough that you don’t feel like you’re reinventing the wheel. Tostadas on Monday, chorizo and papas on Tuesday, Tortilla Soup on Wednesday, Chili on Thursday, Huevos Rancheros on Friday, Black Bean soup on Saturday, Enchiladas on Sunday. Some of the ingredients can be reused in a following meal, which stretches the grocery budget. I once checked out a book on Authentic Mexican Cooking from the library. I jokingly told DH that we could eat Mexican all week, and he said in all seriousness; “Okay.” That’s how much we love Mexican food. ┬áSo these are the reasons that Mexican food is truly divine; I hope you are inspired to try a Mexican week’s worth of meals!