The Three Sisters and I Really Should Be Sewing Right Now

But I am blogging instead. In the long run, I’m certain this is just as, if not more, important. So I have two sisters. I’ll call them Loretta and Bethilda. I am flying out to visit “Loretta” on Friday. I told her I would make these uber cute crayon rolls for her students. Find the tutorial here.

My daughter 'Tori' likes to push her finger through the camera's lens door. Thus the smudge.

But I am not sewing. I got caught up in the blogosphere; specifically, I was reading the Freshly Pressed blogs which are alternately interesting, liberal and/or awe-inspiring. So I left a comment, and then thought, “Gasp, I haven’t updated my blog in several days! What if somebody stops by?” So I decided I better update my blog. Except, it’s supposed to be about food, and not sewing projects, lest the three people who read my blog strictly for the recipes get offended and never return. So I had to find the camera and upload the photos from the soccer game et al in order to find a decent photo of recently prepared food about which to write. And that is how I chose the headline for today’s post.

Two of the Three Sisters

A friend of mine told me that the Native Americans planted squash, green beans and corn together, and called them the Three Sisters. To whit, I planted my squash underneath the bean poles, and they both did wonderfully well this year. Too bad I don’t like squash that much. I am chicken to plant corn, so that is why only two sisters are represented. Last night we had bacon and green beans. Mmm greasy. I loved it! This photo is from last week; it stood to reason that if veggies complement each other in the garden, they would also taste good together. I stir-fried the duo in olive oil and served with a liberal sprinkling of salt. The squash seeds are particularly lovely; they burst in your mouth like a buttery bubble.

So here is my updated blog post. I am now going to try and finish the crayon rolls. Eerily, my two sisters and I haven’t been physically together in about three and a quarter years. So only two sisters are yet again represented. Next month Bethilda is flying out to see me. I wonder which of the three vegetables I represent? I know. Probably the squash.

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