Get the Puck out of the Airport

I had a three-hour layover in Hartsfield-Atlanta GA airport when I was traveling to visit “Loretta”. I had plenty of time to eat lunch, but with my dietary restrictions, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything tasty and filling. Then I saw the Wolfgang Puck Express kiosk. Drinks lined up like large jewels, sandwiches wrapped and stacked like books, and SALADS. Beautiful, colorful salads. I found one that didn’t have croutons (gluten) and paid for it. I returned to my tiny corner of the airport to eat in peace.

First of all, I couldn’t get the dang lid off! It took me longer than I want to admit to snap off the tight plastic lid.

Second, I panicked when I realized I hadn’t grabbed a fork. Then I found the cutest, DIY assembly spork wrapped inside. It snapped together.

Third, I forgot to get a napkin. I didn’t want to drag ALL my luggage, my freshly opened salad, and my Coke back to the kiosk. (Every five minutes the PA announced stuff about not leaving your bags unattended.)

So I built my spork and started eating. EYE-ROLLING DELICIOUS FIRST BITE. I chose the Greek salad. Fresh greens, crumbled feta cheese, diced sweet peppers, red onion slivers, OLIVES (my favorite), a tomato garnish and a wonderful savory-tart vinaigrette. It was divine. Was it because I hadn’t eaten anything at all prior to 2 in the afternoon? Possibly. But I found myself splattering olive oil and dressing all over my shirt, chin, cheeks, luggage (remember, no napkin) and I DIDN”T CARE. I surreptitiously used my sleeve to take care of the more obvious splashes, but this was some serious salad action. The spork wasn’t the best eating utensil to use, since it frequently snapped back into the fold position, but it was better than using my hands. This salad was so good, and the vinaigrette so scrumptious, that when every bite was gone, I drank the dressing that was left over. Yes, I drank it like a red neck swilling moonshine, and I’m pretty sure I smacked my lips when I was done. If you ever have the chance to get a Puck salad, go for it, but for goodness’ sake, remember the napkins.

Tomato garnish made the salad extra yummy

One thought on “Get the Puck out of the Airport

  1. sounds yummers!!! and Im going to look at my itinerary, maybe I go to atlanta…..oh and dont worry about your eating habits, the airports are so full of WEIRDIES, no one even noticed Im sure!! 😉

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