Boarding the Green Smoothie Train

I don’t do trends. That being said, a friend told me I should try green smoothies, so I’m giving them a whirl. (Thank you, thank you very much. I’m here all week.) I’m sipping one now, in fact. I think I finally found the right balance between the strong spinach flavor and good flavors. ha ha. Keep in mind, I do love raw spinach salads. You know, because you read my post about spinach for breakfast. For some reason, blended spinach tastes too oily to me. A throwback from my infant days? My first attempts went thusly: spinach, almond milk, handful of frozen fruit, tomato. Blech. 2nd day, spinach, water, apple juice concentrate, radish, avocado, tabasco. (In hopes of taming the spinach into submission.) Blech. Third day, spinach, water, BUNCH of strawberries. Perfect!

Strawberries: kapow

Next day, spinach, banana, water: Perfect!

Bananas: kapow!

Today was cantaloupe, banana, spinach, water, radish. Pretty good. The radish gives it a nice kick. I think I really needed to add more fruit than I was adding to counteract the spinach flavor. I could have used more cantaloupe, but it was perfectly ripe, so family members joined me in enjoying that orange mild goodness. It’s only been four days of green smoothies for breakfast, so I don’t have much to report by way of energy levels, lost weight or less intense cravings. Okay, maybe my craving for chocolate has gone down a little. Which is too bad, because I have a bunch in my spice cupboard. (That’s where I hide it.) I would like to have clearer skin, and that is purportedly one of the results of eating raw foods. Supposedly you can lose weight as well, but that’s probably more of a function of barfing because it doesn’t taste that great, imho.

Here’s a shot of an earlier version of green smoothie. I drank it down, but I didn’t enjoy it.

I do like the color green. I just don't want to taste it, necessarily.

2 thoughts on “Boarding the Green Smoothie Train

  1. Our favorite: greens (why just spinach? c’mon!), frozen blueberries, and a banana—and some type of liquid. Water works fine.

    Also, if you like tropical stuff: greens, a can of coconut milk, pineapple. So creamy.

  2. I just have Spinach, that’s why! I will try out some other greens too. Your tropical one sounds delish. This morning I did spinach, 1/4 of green pepper, two tomatoes, a baby summer squash, water and Tabasco….it’s really good! I like the green pepper flavor because it reminds me of Gazpacho.

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