Blended Families

As in, the dairy family and the leafy green vegetable family. I can not in good conscience recommend to anyone else the smoothies that I have been concocting. My most recent potion is very…spinachy.

I haven't tried cooked spinach; it's always fresh that I use

I ran out of frozen fruit, then I ran out of bananas. I do have some canned mandarin oranges, but I’m trying to stay out of my food storage. That is a post for another day.

But I do have plain yogurt. Why am I inflicting this on myself, you may ask? The thing is, several members of my family have had this nasty cough/runny nose thing. And I don’t even have the sniffles. By all rights, I should be hacking it up with everyone else, especially since Farley has the  habit of spewing liquids right in my face when he coughs, but I have been drinking these dumb green shakes and I feel as healthy as a horse. Not losing weight, still love my bacon and eggs around 10am, but there does seem to be some immune-boosting power to these spinach drinks. Keep in mind, I’m drinking them like clockwork…every day at 8:10am (after ‘Tori’ gets on the bus.)

If nothing else, I’m getting my RDA of veggies. Here’s the newest recipe. Yack.

1 generous cup of spinach

1.5 cup plain yogurt

1.25 cup cold water

2 teaspoons honey

Blend and drink, if you dare

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