Leafing Out

A friend generously gave me her last Swiss Chard harvest, so I didn’t have to buy spinach after all. The link is to a page extolling the health benefits of Swiss Chard. So this morning’s green smoothie was 2 cups of raw Swiss Chard, five large frozen strawberries and 1 cup of water.

“Farley” asked if he could drink some this morning. I gave him a qualified yes. It sounded like this: “Yeees?” Meaning, I didn’t bother to explain to the three year old that he wasn’t going to like it. He’s been carrying around this flashlight, so when I came back into the kitchen, he was shining his flashlight into the depths of his green smoothie drink. He lifted the glass to his lips, and I watched as he carefully titrated the liquid toward his mouth. He got about an inch away, shuddered, and put the glass down.

I, on the other hand, drank it down like nectar. It tasted like the great outdoors. It reminded me of pumpkin patches, walking through crunchy leaves, fresh mown grass; well it tasted like all of that anyway. With just a hint of strawberries. The color, ooph, terrible. But I already feel energized and refreshed. It has to be those phytonutrients. And blending them…I have this theory that when you blend up this raw stuff, it breaks it down so that the body can easily absorb them, and even more quickly than maybe it normally would. I woke up with a sore throat, and is it any wonder…I had gone two days without a green smoothie. I drank my Swiss Chard shake this morning, and I already feel loads better. Blend on.

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