Treadmill 5: Me 0

Okay, maybe not really, but still. When your face starts pulsing with your heartbeat, you might be overdoing it. I take quick water breaks, and yes, today I stopped 1:45 minutes before I was supposed to. Ugh. Remember all the moaning and complaining I did last year around this time? Now I’m wishing I was back at that place in my life, where I was devotedly working out daily. Humans are never happy with the status quo. You should know however, that I did start writing again. I want to get to a point in my life where there are a handful of things that I just do every day because I need it. I have been praying on my knees daily for so long that I don’t remember when I started. Check. I have been drinking green smoothies every week day for like, over a month? Check. I have been reading my scriptures every morning for a while now too. So I am trying to add things as I am able. Writing every day and exercising every day need to be one of my daily No Matter What activities. In this way, I know I will achieve balance in my life. I should add that smooching Farley’s cheeks is another one of those No Matter What activities. And making ‘Tori’ laugh.

On a different note, I found a great post about working out at home. It fits right in with my spend no money philosophy regarding working out.

Carry on. I am about to blend up something green.

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