Treadmill Strategies

First of all, tried a new smoothie recipe. Yes, we have no bananas. Still. So I went to my food storage room, (yes, a small room in the basement devoted to food storage. Yes, it is pretty awesome.) and got a can of mandarin oranges. Two cups of spinach, and three big swiss chard leaves. Wow. It was pretty awful. It’s the swiss chard, it has such a powerful green flavor. The super-sweetness of the mandarin oranges did counteract it, but still…I just keep telling myself that I haven’t been sick and I don’t want to get sick.

On to the strategies. I feel so silly for not figuring this out sooner; I now get dressed in my workout clothes before I get ‘Tori’ out of bed to get her ready for school. Then I’m ready to go. I can’t find my mp3 player, so I’ve been listening to Pandora and found some fun new tunes. Cinema by Skrillex cracks me up, but I like it. I have a strained groin muscle, so I take it easy on the treadmill. The slower but intense bass beats of some ‘dub step’ type music is ideal. Here I go again!

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Strategies

  1. That takes me back…I used to have the soundtrack to The Saint. Orbital did the theme for that movie…cool cool track. I’ll have to check out Daft Punks next.

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