Mirrors and Working Out

You would think, wouldn’t you? But how about reflecting a selected part of your body as you work out. Perhaps the legs on the treadmill. I thought I was really hoofing it, only to glance over and see my legs in the mirror that conveniently leaves out the top-heavy part of my body and reveals only my fairly toned legs. Yes, it is a good mirror, and I shall keep it forever. Anyway, what I thought was a pretty fast pace appeared to be about as swift as an old lady pushing her shopping cart. I experimented with my pace until I found a clip that looked like my legs were actually running, and just under the speed that would have rendered me unconscious. I had a great workout. Thanks to Decode from Paramore, I was able to finish my run/walk inspired. I am going to go puke now. Love, V1ck3

3 thoughts on “Mirrors and Working Out

  1. LOL! reminds me of that video of dad playing basketball, where he thought he was all hard core, only to watch the video and cherri laughed hysterically!! 😉

    At my old job, we had what we called the “skinny” mirror. It was on a weird angle and we all loved it, seriously took 20+lbs off…proud of you sis!

  2. I hit the ground with each foot about 90 times a minute. About the same cadence as when I ride a bike. Its a fairly short stride. Like I’m in shackles.

  3. Shackles. That’s exactly how I feel about exercising. But I suppose a better mindset would be that the extra weight I carry is shackling me from everything I want to do.

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