When You Just Think You Can’t Do It

You do it anyway. My stupid (expletive expletive) main pc is not working, and that blows my whole routine out of the water. I use the main pc for my online stopwatch and then for my blog cool down. I set my water on the computer desk, and my treadmill is oriented toward the computer so I can glance at the stopwatch.

I laid on the floor for a long time and tried halfheartedly going back to sleep this morning. With two kids sitting on my head and elbowing me in the kidney, I knew it wasn’t really going to happen. I contemplated changing out of my workout clothes and sewing. But then something weird happened. I got up, opened up my dinky little netbook and made my morning workout happen. I set the clock for a measly 15 minutes, because I know that is the minimum that my brain needs. I did it and now I feel better! Sometimes the hardest step is the mental one. Out.

This Calls for Chocolate

I woke up from a very lovely nap yesterday evening. I sat there on the couch, trying to conjure a dinner idea, when ‘Farley’ came up to me with his hands behind his back. This is usually not a good sign. Then he thrust his ink-stained arms and hands at me. I sighed, because There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Nap. (I learned that principle in Economics 101). We proceeded to the kitchen, at which point I saw that his feet were also covered in ink…blue, from a pen, as in, it leaked…sticky, blue staining ink. So I announced bath time. ‘Tori’ followed us upstairs, loudly proclaiming that she didn’t want a bath. I assured her she didn’t need to take one. She disappeared. Since Farley was in the bath anyway, I shampooed his hair. It was then, with shampoo up to my elbows and the bathwater loudly filling the tub, that I heard a clatter and loud wailing. ‘Tori’ often wails loudly for kicks; I couldn’t quite tell if it was happy or not. So I shouted above the din, “What was that?? Somebody help me!” Then the wailing got louder, so I rinsed my hands, left a bewildered Farley with suds for hair and turned the corner. DH had run up the stairs by this time, and I saw him and Tori crouching on the hardwood floor with blood drops all over the floor and her pants, and spewing out of her nose. The sight of blood really sends her into a frenzy, because blood has the potential to mean MedPoint. She had fallen off of our hallway bench and did a faceplant. I delegated rinsing Farley’s hair to ‘Dale’, sent ‘Etherealanna’ to get a paper towel, and then we did damage control. Tori ended up in the bath anyway. 

I smiled to myself, because I have an unopened box of Russell Stover in my bedroom closet waiting for just such a moment when no other stress relief will do. Out.Image

Where Would You Go?

Feeling pretty lactic. Whew.

I don’t think my words can express the change in my life since dedicating myself to my daily walk/runs. I am so thankful for my strong body. I don’t care that it isn’t the ad-perfect body one sees all over television/movies/magazines/internet. It is my body and it does what I want it to: for the most part. Wink.

A shout-out to the Rykrisp brand of rye crackers; another positive change in my life. Our annual Christmas Eve lunch involves sausage, cheeses, jams and crackers. We go all out with a variety of cheeses and crackers. Normally I would indulge and consequences be damned, but I found these crackers, and they are crisp and crunchy and don’t break when you spread horseradish/cheddar on them. They are divine, and I was able to enjoy our lunch with no negative side effects. 

Have a wonderful day. Out.Image

What Would You Tie Yourself To?

Even though I didn’t blog yesterday, I did workout on my trusty sidekick. This morning I tried the Kinect Your Shape game. It was a challenge with two other little bodies competing for airtime with the Kinect sensor, so I gave up. I was back on my EZWalker and jamming to my tunes. I am so excited about my sci-fi short story that I’m reviving. I started it around 2004 or 2005 and it has been collecting cyber-dust. I told you how that one morning I was into my new music and I got inspired…it is for this particular story that I was really awakened. I have been working on it, and checked out some library books for research, and I have to marvel at the interconnectedness(I made this up) of the universe. Three of my new fave songs all have a connection to my story. I can’t expect anyone else to get this, but in my head it really works. I’ll let you play around with it, but you won’t get it until you read my story. Cinema, Lasso and Goodbye. Okay, gotta shower, tie a quilt, and work on my story some more!Image

Stretching, New Music

Why did I deprive myself of new music for six months or more? I finally caved, and bought myself four new tracks, and my walk/run this morning was amazing! I’m all jacked up on adrenaline, I had about three new story ideas, and I’m ready for the day. And by the way, I’m such a dork because I only just a couple days ago started stretching before my exercise. Duh. It’s a much better workout.

Pandora is responsible for introducing me to new tunes. So my four awesome new tracks are a couple that I listen to on Youtube, Cinema by Skrillex and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, and then Lasso by Phoenix and finally, the song I’ve been listening to over and over and over again without getting tired of it: Goodbye by MuteMath. I have to email the grocery list to DH who is out shopping for me for Christmas (Because he knows I love to open lots of presents) and then I am so excited to finesse a story that I started a long long time ago and couldn’t get an ending to it. It came to me in a flash as I was sweating it out on my EZWalk. Epiphany! Eureka! I’m so excited…Out

Good Pain

I was pondering the connection between our bodies and our emotions this morning. Why is it that at certain peaks of physical performance, there seems to be an emotional overflow? Maybe this doesn’t happen for everyone. I just remember running a few days after my miscarriage, and feeling this incredible wave of emotion flowing over me. There was guilt in there, since I had been running for weeks as a newly pregnant woman. There was grief and anger too. And also wonder at the human body, that suffers so much, and enjoys so much. Some might say that I was simply in an emotional state at that time, but I disagree. I mean, yes, I was certainly in an emotional state, but I have had numerous other occasions where emotions and physicality overlapped each other. It happened again this morning, achieving a level of workout that caused a wave to pass over me. Gratitude for my healthy body, gratitude that my small-scale depression is overcome by walking every morning, sadness at the distant memory of a lost pregnancy, happiness to have a husband who loves me no matter how many stretch marks or curves I have…all of this in a matter of moments as the sweat poured off and the breaths marked every step I took. So am I weird, or what? Out.Image

Letting My Heart Win

I was on the treadmill, jamming of course, and I kept thinking, I should run outside. I kept at it, and when my online stopwatch jingled, I took it outside. I am so glad I did. It was only 7:30am, and a heavy fog cloaked our neighborhood. The cool mist was perfect for someone hoofing it outside, great temperature. Plus, it was lonely out. Christmas lights, yard lights softly glowing in an eerie “Stand By Me” movie kind of way. I was tempted to title this post ‘the call of the wild’ but that is so cliche. Then I thought I would play with it and use ‘call of the mattress’ because, hey, it’s the truth. Then I heard the lyric in Paramore’s “That’s what you get when you let your heart win”, and I realized that was what I did. There were reasons not to run outside, number one being the possibility of shin splints, but I really really felt this pull. Three cheers for running in fog, even if it was only .7 of a mile. Out.

The Afterthought

I have to make something clear after yesterday’s rambling paranoia. I would never run off without my kids!

How about a little creative cooking: last night’s dinner plan was cabbage and ham. I know, most people don’t enjoy cabbage, but my daughter “Etherealanna” loves cabbage and so do I. As I was cutting the cabbage, I noticed some leftover orange on the cutting board from Farley’s earlier snack. The wheels started turning. I put all the cabbage in the skillet, then I cut up an orange and put that in. Then I added brown sugar, pepper, salt. The ham. And a huge dollop of apricot preserves. For the record, I could have added even more preserves. My boring meal became Sweet and Sour Ham and Cabbage. DH proclaimed it was the best cabbage he ever had! I consider that a success. Minor detail, I fried the cabbage in a little bit of leftover bacon fat.

Back to the apocalypse. Here is a food calculator that will immediately send you into the doldrums. Although we do have a year supply of wheat now.

Seriously, you can’t watch the steady decline of European, Asian and African nations without thinking something is up. If you haven’t already, you need to get your food storage in order. Beyond food storage, you should also consider water storage, alternate heating and cooking sources and basic first aid. You might consider forming alliances with your neighbors. Think outside the comfortable existence we have enjoyed for the last thirty years. The near future is going to be vastly different from what we have previously enjoyed. There, off my soap box and on to my shower. I bumped up my survival walk this morning, and it felt great. Out.