I’m Dyin’ Here

Weekend…all bets are off. No smoothies, no exercise. And I’m pretty sure my family was silently wishing me to hell. Yikes. What a bad attitude. So my goal is to not miss a day of exercise this coming week, including the weekend. A week from today, I wonder what my blog will say.

As to food, I fried chicken last night. Really hard to beat fresh poultry, breaded and fried. Of course, this kind of cooking is going to land me in the cardiovascular ward of the hospital, so maybe that was the last time. A friend made lunch for me last week, and it was amazing. And it was vegetarian, but not noticeably so. Homemade yogurt flavored with apricot or peach preserves, brown rice with a curry dressing and plenty of shredded carrots, scallions, apples and walnuts. And spinach, mushroom, beet salad with raspberry/poppy vinaigrette dressing. Did I already mention it was amazing? If I get those recipes, I will pass them along.

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