Great Big Plans

One of the most inspiring songs I know, exercising or not, is Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill. Her lyrics are awesome: “I’m gonna run right up this hill, summer sky or winter chill, if I gotta take a break I will, but I’m gonna run right up this hill.” Sigh. Plus, the music video is all about Grrl Power…a woman with a rifle, Mindy and a stunt double riding a motocross bike, and of course, the APACHE HELICOPTER hovering over her while she sings that she’s a little girl with great big plans. What an awesome video; I encourage you to check it out. Her lyrics and sweet voice closed out my sweaty McSweatypants exercise session this fine Tuesday morning. I’m going to hold the whole wide world in my open hands. Oh yeah. Omigosh, I forgot to mention that I got to hold a real rifle over the weekend, and as soon as I put the butt against my shoulder, I felt like I had come home. More to come on that front later.

3 thoughts on “Great Big Plans

  1. FYI, There is a new indoor shooting range on the south side of town. They use metal targets so it is kind of like a carnival shooting gallery but requires particular bullets. Lots of fun.

  2. i loved the mcsweatypants nod…going to watch that video now, I havent in a while…She also has a holiday CD out, fyi…

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