Ramblings on the Treadmill

If I use WD-40 to loosen up the conveyor belt, am I going to set something on fire when I really get going?

If you can feel lactic acid building up in your legs, is it accurate to say you are feeling pretty ‘lactic’?

Why do we eat our delicious meals faster than I can remember to take photos of them?

Seriously, my sister ‘Bathilda’, gave me this outstanding pork chop recipe last night. We had seven skinny boneless pork loins, assorted tubers and beef broth. Chop, saute, simmer. It was that easy, and it was even more delicious than it was easy. Thanks Sis!

My shopping list includes synthetic sewing machine oil, because I suspect that will be a safer choice for babying my treadmill. Out.

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