Conspiracy Theory

The world is conspiring against me to exercise this morning. 1) DH’s work schedule was different this morning 2) kids left later to school 3) bus came late for fourth kid going to school 4) speaker on computer doesn’t work 5) where is my mp3 player? 6) I really don’t feel like it.

Before you ask, NO I did not exercise over the weekend. ‘Tori’ had her blood drawn, so that was plenty adrenaline-inducing for us.

I set the online stopwatch for fifteen minutes. Can I handle fifteen minutes alone in my head for the sake of exercise? Last year when I started Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover I actually walked on the treadmill IN THE GARAGE, IN THE COLD, WITH NOTHING TO DO. So I guess it is possible. Fifth kid is now calling me; what will happen? Will I do it? I guess you won’t know until tomorrow.

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