It Was Only A Matter of Time

I have survivalist tendencies. There, I said it. So on this, the morning after Kim Jong-Il’s death, I reveal my apocalyptical leanings. I bought 700 pounds of wheat.

As I was walking/running to the sweet and tender notes of Skrillex (ha ha, just kidding. There is no sweet and no tender to be had in his remixes; and some of his stuff is not for kids, therefore, not for me either.) I was reflecting on how it may be necessary at some point in the future for me to run for my life. Thanks Jong-Il! Seriously, the country I grew up in is rapidly changing to become something the Founding Fathers would no longer recognize. With the advent of long-standing countries collapsing, I strongly urge my readers to consider long-term food storage among other preparations. Like, running on a treadmill, because who knows, you may have to run for your life someday. Out.

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