The Afterthought

I have to make something clear after yesterday’s rambling paranoia. I would never run off without my kids!

How about a little creative cooking: last night’s dinner plan was cabbage and ham. I know, most people don’t enjoy cabbage, but my daughter “Etherealanna” loves cabbage and so do I. As I was cutting the cabbage, I noticed some leftover orange on the cutting board from Farley’s earlier snack. The wheels started turning. I put all the cabbage in the skillet, then I cut up an orange and put that in. Then I added brown sugar, pepper, salt. The ham. And a huge dollop of apricot preserves. For the record, I could have added even more preserves. My boring meal became Sweet and Sour Ham and Cabbage. DH proclaimed it was the best cabbage he ever had! I consider that a success. Minor detail, I fried the cabbage in a little bit of leftover bacon fat.

Back to the apocalypse. Here is a food calculator that will immediately send you into the doldrums. Although we do have a year supply of wheat now.

Seriously, you can’t watch the steady decline of European, Asian and African nations without thinking something is up. If you haven’t already, you need to get your food storage in order. Beyond food storage, you should also consider water storage, alternate heating and cooking sources and basic first aid. You might consider forming alliances with your neighbors. Think outside the comfortable existence we have enjoyed for the last thirty years. The near future is going to be vastly different from what we have previously enjoyed. There, off my soap box and on to my shower. I bumped up my survival walk this morning, and it felt great. Out.

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