Good Pain

I was pondering the connection between our bodies and our emotions this morning. Why is it that at certain peaks of physical performance, there seems to be an emotional overflow? Maybe this doesn’t happen for everyone. I just remember running a few days after my miscarriage, and feeling this incredible wave of emotion flowing over me. There was guilt in there, since I had been running for weeks as a newly pregnant woman. There was grief and anger too. And also wonder at the human body, that suffers so much, and enjoys so much. Some might say that I was simply in an emotional state at that time, but I disagree. I mean, yes, I was certainly in an emotional state, but I have had numerous other occasions where emotions and physicality overlapped each other. It happened again this morning, achieving a level of workout that caused a wave to pass over me. Gratitude for my healthy body, gratitude that my small-scale depression is overcome by walking every morning, sadness at the distant memory of a lost pregnancy, happiness to have a husband who loves me no matter how many stretch marks or curves I have…all of this in a matter of moments as the sweat poured off and the breaths marked every step I took. So am I weird, or what? Out.Image

One thought on “Good Pain

  1. You’re not crazy. If I run hard enough, many of my pent up emotions will hit me full force…I’ve sobbed through runs before, and not due to running pain! I think I enjoy it as my therapy.

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