What Would You Tie Yourself To?

Even though I didn’t blog yesterday, I did workout on my trusty sidekick. This morning I tried the Kinect Your Shape game. It was a challenge with two other little bodies competing for airtime with the Kinect sensor, so I gave up. I was back on my EZWalker and jamming to my tunes. I am so excited about my sci-fi short story that I’m reviving. I started it around 2004 or 2005 and it has been collecting cyber-dust. I told you how that one morning I was into my new music and I got inspired…it is for this particular story that I was really awakened. I have been working on it, and checked out some library books for research, and I have to marvel at the interconnectedness(I made this up) of the universe. Three of my new fave songs all have a connection to my story. I can’t expect anyone else to get this, but in my head it really works. I’ll let you play around with it, but you won’t get it until you read my story. Cinema, Lasso and Goodbye. Okay, gotta shower, tie a quilt, and work on my story some more!Image

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