When You Just Think You Can’t Do It

You do it anyway. My stupid (expletive expletive) main pc is not working, and that blows my whole routine out of the water. I use the main pc for my online stopwatch and then for my blog cool down. I set my water on the computer desk, and my treadmill is oriented toward the computer so I can glance at the stopwatch.

I laid on the floor for a long time and tried halfheartedly going back to sleep this morning. With two kids sitting on my head and elbowing me in the kidney, I knew it wasn’t really going to happen. I contemplated changing out of my workout clothes and sewing. But then something weird happened. I got up, opened up my dinky little netbook and made my morning workout happen. I set the clock for a measly 15 minutes, because I know that is the minimum that my brain needs. I did it and now I feel better! Sometimes the hardest step is the mental one. Out.

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