My little boetie asked to go to bed last night at 7pm. I knew he would be up early, so when DH got up, I got up too and put on my workout togs. I am totally counting shoveling as part of my workout, by the way. Then I came in from shoveling, and sure enough, there was Farley, asking about the slot cars. So I got those out and set my dinky Netbook to the Online Stopwatch. He raced cars while I walked to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. I figure between the shoveling snow and fifteen minutes on my EZWalker (that sounds kind of geriatric, doesn’t it) I can justify some bacon with my breakfast this morning. I really need to have some green smoothie too, because I have gone several days without, and I’m getting a runny nose. Make it a good day for someone else…

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