Guest Post

Ha ha, not really. This post is happening because I am currently a Guest. I had to write a review on the Diamondback 600 treadmill. Coming from my manual EZWalker, a plug-in treadmill with a gazillion settings is like going to the candy store with some money. It was fun! I chose a 3% grade and got up to a 5mph run with no problem. I particularly liked being able to walk and run without hanging on to anything; I like it so much, that I might change my mind about someday getting an electronic treadmill. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. (It made some noises, but I just turned up my mp3 player.) Out.

One thought on “Guest Post

  1. I know the set up you are talking about…i like that monster treadmill…you can also watch giant movies or tv… 😉 good for you for working out!!

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