Back Home Again

I really liked the hands-free walking/running of the electronic treadmill. But my dad acknowledged something the other day, he said, ‘You make do, don’t you?” YES! Somebody gets it! My treadmill was a handmedown…in my mind that increases its value by quite a bit. So it’s manual, so it only has one incline, and I literally determine the speed with my own legs. But a bird in hand…

Had a great workout this morning. Music and my own imagination can really help me carry on so that I’m not staring at the clock the whole time. Plus, I love the taste of my well water. Mm!

Have a truly excellent day. Out. 

One thought on “Back Home Again

  1. Our first treadmill was a thrift store purchase of the manual variety you mentioned. We had been toying with the idea of in-home exercise equipment but didn’t want to drop the cash on an expensive clothes hanger if we wouldn’t use it. After almost two years on the manual we felt we had proved to ourselves that it would get used. Some say that the key to happiness is enjoying what you have and not thinking about what you don’t have.

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