If I Lived Alone: With Regard to Food

  • I would suck the fake cheese right out of the spray can at the end of each snack session, in order to prevent the tip of dried out cheese from forming.
  • I would make chocolate chip cookie dough, and never bake it.
  • I would drink out of the juice/milk/pop bottles.
  • I would mix all Italian dish leftovers into the same container and bake it the next day.
  • I would eat pizza every other night.
  • I would eat Subway every other night.
  • I would stock Coca Cola in the fridge.
  • I wouldn’t have to hide my junk food or chocolate stashes; I could leave them out and available, thus eliminating the guilty feeling after I eat them, while closeted somewhere private. There really is something kind of degrading about eating a candy bar in the bathroom with the door locked.

Upon reviewing this list, I see that living in a family has the potential to refine us into better people.

  • I share more.
  • I respect germs.
  • I consider others’ sensibilities
  • I don’t eat as much junk food.
  • I don’t keep pop in the house.
  • I pick out the dried tip of fake cheese and throw it away.
  • I cook from scratch more.

Go and make it a better day for someone else. Out.

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