Economic Collapse and Other Fun Facts

Look, everyone I talk to about this agrees without blinking an eye. “Oh yes, we’re definitely headed for economic collapse.”

So my question is, what are you doing about it?

I frequently look at the food calculators I can find online, and try to compare what I currently have with what our large family will need. What else is there to do? We can try to elect officials that represent the values I have, but at this point, it’s too little too late. So again I ask, what are you doing to prepare?

I don’t think people in our current society can fathom what an economic collapse is going to look like. Even if you have depression-era grandparents, like I did before they passed on, I don’t think we can comprehend what our lives are going to look like. For example, Grandpa reused his trash sacks. You know, the plastic trash bags? Even in the 80s he couldn’t bring himself to throw the whole thing out, so he would throw the trash into the rubbish bin in the back, and reuse that stinky plastic bag. Why would he do this? Was it because there was a time when a new clean trash bag was hard to come by? What sorts of things do you take for granted in your house that could become scarce? A blog I like to follow talks about our dependence on foreign oil. He reminded readers that pretty much everything in our house is also dependent on this oil. Either oil was required to transport your stuff to you, or it is made from petroleum….think of all of your packaging, particularly food packaging. Thing electronics with plastic coated wires and the like. Probably we should start paring down what we purchase, and try living without or living below our means in addition to gathering food storage.

Not to mention, we may need to step up our own recycling programs. Maybe we should clean and hang on to things that could become difficult to acquire. Certainly we should learn to mend and fix what we have. Well, on that cheerful not, I’m going to go enjoy streaming hot water while I have the chance. Out.

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