The Kitchen Spa

Let’s talk about extreme irritation, days not going well, a sprinkling of emotional eating, and why you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a spa day.

Car breaks down first thing in the morning, yes, even before walking on the treadmill. Solution: walk to and from the car a few times and also push said car facing forward and using legs while pushing backward with your back. Workout!

Call assorted car places and insurance companies instead of drinking a green smoothie. Solution: Use best polite voice infusing sugar and sweetness. Energy lift!

Didn’t get shower because of no workout/no smoothie/phone calls. Solution: wear hoodie with drawstring ties tied tightly under chin.

Didn’t wash face because of other morning interruptions. Solution: open dishwasher twenty minutes before end of cycle for instant steam facial. Breathe in, breathe out. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Didn’t have lunch at regularly scheduled time because child with Autism had meltdowns at school so had to pick her up. Solution: snack on celery left out the night before from the hot wings/celery meal.

Um, how did I pick up the child without the car? Solution: a great friend who loves me.

Autistic child has meltdown in the kitchen. Solution: leave the kitchen.

Neurotypical child has meltdown in the kitchen. Solution: blog.

By the way, while the kitchen spa is free, the car repairs are $475.10. Some spa day. I retract all of the above. Out.

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