In case you were wondering, I did walk/run this morning, even though the mattress monster tried to get me, and partially succeeded for over an hour. But that is not what I’m writing about tonight. No, tonight I want to commend a little boy who has a sense of cleanliness. My Farley, who is growing up so fast, loves to put his folded clothes away. One of his Christmas presents was a little electronic sweeper that picks up great. (thanks, Aldi!) He loves to sweep the floor with it, and is very thorough. My tidy little boy, whose spot under the table always looks like the floor of a chicken coop, asked me tonight after dinner: “Is this plate clean?” He pulled a large glass plate out of the dishwasher, and yes, it was sparkling clean. “Yes.” I said, slightly amused. He proceeded to place it on the floor, fill it with popcorn from the giant tin (thanks Husband’s employer!) and eat off of it like a dog.

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