For Inspiration Purposes Only

I was sick as a dog yesterday, and in spite of that, I walked on the treadmill for ten minutes. Granted, I had to take a couple minutes break for reasons that I will not name here, but I got back on and finished my sentence. I record this because I thought maybe one out of the seven of you that read this blog may use it to inspire yourself in your own personal goals.

Today’s walk/run felt much much better. I am contemplating a new recipe for a smoothie; bear me out on this. I had a canned good with no wrapper. I shook it, and was hopeful that maybe it was some leftover cranberry sauce so I cracked it open. Oops. Sweet potatoes. What am I going to do with sweet potatoes? Canned sweet potatoes? The smell kind of turns me off, but I know how nutritious they are. I started thinking, what if I put a whole banana, spinach (of course) and like, one section of a sweet potato. I’m going to try it and I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m hoping the banana cloaks the cloying flavor, and I’m also hoping that it will be an awesome texture. Out.

2 thoughts on “For Inspiration Purposes Only

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. Did the workout make you feel better?
    I’m thinking plain Greek yogurt on the sweet potatoes, though I can’t say I’ve ever had canned.

  2. I really was sick, so no, the workout did not make me feel better. That being said, it was important to me to stick as closely as possible to my routine. The smoothie was divine, simply divine, even sans yogurt. I do love yogurt in my smoothies though.

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