The Inner Voices

Task Brain: Alright, I am working on this task, and it is going to be awesome.

Stomach brain: Cheese Toastie.

Task Brain: I did not just hear that suggestion of a cheese toastie. I am workin’ hard here.

Stomach Brain: True. We don’t have American cheese.

Task Brain: That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Let’s get to work.

Stomach Brain: We have Velveeta. It melts really good.

Task Brain: Will you shut up? You’re distracting me. This is important stuff that I’m doing here.

Stomach Brain: If you butter the bread really good, it gets crusty when you toast it. Just think about what that first crunchy chewy bite is like…

Task Brain: Okay, you are really ticking me off here.

Stomach Brain: I love cheese toasties.

Task Brain: I am ignoring you. I’m busy.

Stomach Brain: I want a cheese toastie.

Task Brain: I don’t hear you.

Stomach Brain: I want a cheese toastie. Now.

Task Brain: I’m not listening.

Stomach Brain: CheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastie


Believe it or not, Task Brain won that round. Have a great day and make it great for someone else. Out.

Existential Exercising

It happened again. I was exercising and got all emotional and thoughtful and thinking about things. I feel like an awakening is happening inside me…a realization of my mortality, but also a feeling that my spirit is becoming even more entrenched in my body. Excuse me bringing up religious doctrine, but a scripture comes to mind that says the spirits of those who have died see their separation from their physical bodies as a prison. I think I get that. I think babies and children start out feeling that strong connection of spirit and body, and that is why kids are generally so joyful and mischievous. They love smearing things with their hands, and tasting everything, even dirt, and are curious and make loud noises…they are truly LIVING in their bodies. Then as the teenage years come around, that shifts a little. I think teens feel less of a connection with their bodies…thus the fearless sense of immortality they experience and exploit by doing dangerous things. Then we grow up, and we feel more grounded in our bodies, and vulnerable, and start making choices that protect and preserve our bodies. We cherish them more. The awakening that I’m having feels like returning to childhood. I feel like my spirit is thriving inside my body, and I’m trying to blend the concern I feel for my mortality with the joy and potential that my spirit feels…regardless of whether it’s attached to my body or not. So there is my little spiritual and physical awakening experience I had while I walked and ran on the treadmill this morning. By the way, I did it! I got on every day this week and totally bought myself a song. But I’m not telling you which one, because I’m embarrassed. Maybe I’ll tell you next week, or if you ask politely.

Lunch Date with My Handsome Husband

Husband had an appointment so he came home in time for lunch. Lucky for him, I was planning on the refried beans from my own pressure-cooked beans.

These little bean tacos turned out so yummy!


ImageMashed up the cooked beans that I fried up with some oil and chopped onion.


One of the key ingredients to a nice authentic flavor is fresh-squeezed limes.


You guys know how much I love Aldi. This is a can of ‘fire-roasted’ diced tomatoes. Wow…tastes like a salsa you might get with chips at a Mexican restaurant! And of course, it was only 45 cents or something like that. We both pigged out on beans wrapped with hot soft corn tortillas. Shredded cheese and sour cream were good garnishes, besides the salsa and lime juice. Hope you give it a try!

40 Pounds in 8 Months

I’ve decided I’m going to lose 40 pounds in 8 months. I know I can do it.

Let’s talk about more dried beans. I soaked a cup and a half of dried pinto beans for 24 hours, then cooked them in my pressure cooker for 25 minutes. Oh. Em. Gee. I can’t believe how yummy these beans are. I salted them liberally with sea salt AFTER they were done. (You can’t salt them before they cook, because the salt molecules will block the water-permeable surface of the beans, preventing them from absorbing water while they cook. Thanks internet!) Plus, who knew the smell of cooking pintos would be so good? My problem is I don’t know what to do with my beans. Yes, I could make chili, but come on, there has to be more out there? I guess you have your standard ‘pork n beans’, ham and beans, chili with beans and refried beans. I guess that is where I could start. Come to think of it…I have a bunch of corn tortillas in my fridge (did you know they store for months and months without going bad?) (Not that i have them around for months and months, because I adore corn tortillas, but anyway) and shredded chedder cheese and limes. Sounds like the making of some yummy refried beans and cheese tortillas with lime juice. When’s lunch?

Creole Beans and Rice

I didn’t take a photo, darn it. I found this recipe for red beans and rice, but of course, didn’t have every single ingredient it called for. When that happens, I make up for it the best I can, and usually end up with a fair approximation of the intended meal. In this case, I don’t have any bay leaves, no sausage, no green onions, no Cajun seasoning mix. BUT those things were not missed in my resulting beans. I used canned kidney beans, beef bouillon AND a can of diced tomatoes. I thought the beans didn’t look red enough, and I wanted a saucy type texture. WOW. I had three helpings and couldn’t get enough. I used my cayenne pepper liberally, so there was a lot of heat in this meal. (I made it for lunch on President’s Day, so “Dale” ate some with me. He liked it.) There was only one drawback. About two hours later, I began having horrible heartburn that lasted a long long time. Sad face. I won’t be eating the leftovers because I can’t face that again. But in future, I am confident that I will be able to make a nice Creole meal out of our pantry when the stuff hits the fan. (I won’t always get heartburn from it; I have a temporary medical condition that will be resolved around September 15th of this year.) Smiley face.

The Sun and a New Week

Here I am world. It takes supreme effort to drag myself onto the treadmill on days when the kids are at home; don’t ask me why, I have no idea. But I did it, and I am thinking about possible music to buy at the end of the week.

I actually love the soundtrack to “Titan AE” so that is on my list. I have also been considering songs from “The Village” soundtrack and “17 Miracles” soundtrack. So there are a lot of possibilities out there.

“Alive” by Avalon got my blood moving today. Have a great one. Out.