El Huevo Increyible

Did you know I speak a little Spanish? Let’s talk about how incredible eggs are for a minute. You know you’ve done it; didn’t have any Hamburger Helper in the cupboard, didn’t feel like casserole, whipped up a batch of eggs and pancakes and called it dinner. In fact, about everyone I know loves to have ‘breakfast’ for dinner a couple times a month. Kids love it too. It feels like you’re breaking the rules.

“Etherealanna” and myself had to take a treat somewhere. She adores deviled eggs and she makes a mean one, so that is what we took.

Of course, you have to have a pretty dash of paprika; we also used some Mrs. Dash for the first time. Making food pretty is half the fun. Eating it is the other half, of course.

A dash of Dash

Paprika comes out fast for some reason

But, the piéce de résistance, the Raison d’être for this post, is the following egg which I made for my second breakfast this morning. (Had my green smoothie for first breakfast.) (Did you know I speak a little French too?)

Yes, that is bacon in there.

I fried up bacon in my gigantic non-stick skillet. Bacon is kind of a crap-shoot (did I just use crap shoot in the same post as raison d’ être?)…sometimes it’s too fatty, sometimes it’s a nice mix of fatty and meaty and sometimes, when the moon is waxing gibbous and the planets are aligned…you get a great meaty bacon with negligible amounts of fat. The most recent bacon purchase was this kind of bacon-meaty, flavorful, just enough fat to make the skillet slick. I fried my corn tortilla in there, right next to the bacon, right next to the egg. I fried the egg to just about hard. I sliced a perfectly ripe avocado, and put it on my tortilla with bacon and egg. Eye. Rolling. Delicious. That was my incredible egg this morning. A  little fresh salsa would have been perfect but I was too hungry to wait and make some. I hope you try it too and let me know what you think.

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