When I’m sick, or if one of the kids or DH is sick for a long time, it becomes a superhuman effort to create a good meal. Usually I’m emotionally exhausted and probably physically exhausted as well, from worrying about and caring for the sick ones. One night last week was such a night. I couldn’t justify buying fast food again, as we had already taken the easy way out the previous night. And I wanted to use food we had on hand. I had an inspiration; sweet potato fries! Not the healthy, baked-in-the-oven kind, but rather, FRIES, from our deep fat fryer. I know I’ve waxed poetically about my fryer before. These fries were so good, that I had to keep cutting and frying more, because I was eating them almost as fast as I was making them. Then I ran out of sweet potatoes and had to put regular potatoes in there. Did you know regular potatoes have a lot of fiber? Well they do, so don’t judge me. Anyway, the fries were a great morale booster, at least to the cook. I also made catfish, but I won’t go there. The catfish was a total disaster, and it had nothing to do with how I prepared it. It must have been an off day at the fish-packing plant. But the fries…! Crispy, salty, tasty! The photo doesn’t even do them justice.

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