She Gonna Teach Me How to Swim

I had a flash of inspiration last week. I need to reward myself with a little incentive at the end of each week that I accomplish my 15 minutes (at least) a day on the treadmill. It will be cheap and fun. Last week, with all the sickness, I only managed two or three days of walking. (I truly lost track of time.) I bought myself a song for my mp3 anyway…but it was extenuating circumstances. (I did mention the rejection from Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, right?)

I figure buying myself a song at 1.29 a pop is a great way to motivate myself that doesn’t involve food or even a lot of money. The problem that I could see developing is running out of songs to buy, as in, needing ideas for good workout songs. That’s where you come in, dear reader. Drop me a note anytime you hear a song that has a great backbeat for walking. Last week I bought Electric Feel by MGMT. What a fun song. Another fun one with a great beat is Determinate from the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack. I know, it’s a kid’s show from Nickelodeon (or Disney??) but it has some great tunes on it.

How about a photo of one our family’s favorite meals? Aldi started selling these fantastic pints of Italian beef and delicious Italian rolls. Super easy to heat up; toast the bread for some nice crunch, and save the consomme for dipping.


Maybe I’ll do a photo shoot of my awesome pots and pans I got from my mom one of these days. They’re like, forty years old or something, and indestructible. Out.

2 thoughts on “She Gonna Teach Me How to Swim

  1. These pots have rounded square rims and round bottoms. It makes for great pouring. They’re stainless steel and have tough black plastic knobs that say Aristo-Craft on them. I think they must have been wedding gifts? I have a full set. I’m already planning a sexy photo session with them. Double boiler, egg poacher etc. It will be fun.

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