Creole Beans and Rice

I didn’t take a photo, darn it. I found this recipe for red beans and rice, but of course, didn’t have every single ingredient it called for. When that happens, I make up for it the best I can, and usually end up with a fair approximation of the intended meal. In this case, I don’t have any bay leaves, no sausage, no green onions, no Cajun seasoning mix. BUT those things were not missed in my resulting beans. I used canned kidney beans, beef bouillon AND a can of diced tomatoes. I thought the beans didn’t look red enough, and I wanted a saucy type texture. WOW. I had three helpings and couldn’t get enough. I used my cayenne pepper liberally, so there was a lot of heat in this meal. (I made it for lunch on President’s Day, so “Dale” ate some with me. He liked it.) There was only one drawback. About two hours later, I began having horrible heartburn that lasted a long long time. Sad face. I won’t be eating the leftovers because I can’t face that again. But in future, I am confident that I will be able to make a nice Creole meal out of our pantry when the stuff hits the fan. (I won’t always get heartburn from it; I have a temporary medical condition that will be resolved around September 15th of this year.) Smiley face.

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