The Inner Voices

Task Brain: Alright, I am working on this task, and it is going to be awesome.

Stomach brain: Cheese Toastie.

Task Brain: I did not just hear that suggestion of a cheese toastie. I am workin’ hard here.

Stomach Brain: True. We don’t have American cheese.

Task Brain: That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Let’s get to work.

Stomach Brain: We have Velveeta. It melts really good.

Task Brain: Will you shut up? You’re distracting me. This is important stuff that I’m doing here.

Stomach Brain: If you butter the bread really good, it gets crusty when you toast it. Just think about what that first crunchy chewy bite is like…

Task Brain: Okay, you are really ticking me off here.

Stomach Brain: I love cheese toasties.

Task Brain: I am ignoring you. I’m busy.

Stomach Brain: I want a cheese toastie.

Task Brain: I don’t hear you.

Stomach Brain: I want a cheese toastie. Now.

Task Brain: I’m not listening.

Stomach Brain: CheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastieCheeseToastie


Believe it or not, Task Brain won that round. Have a great day and make it great for someone else. Out.

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