Correlation Between Rage and the Sweating Point

Just trust me on this. You should probably work out and sweat and exert yourself BEFORE you head into a day that you suspect is going to suck. ‘Cause it’s nice to get out that rage later when you’re really feeling it, but some damage has already been done, and then you have fences to mend and bridges to rebuild. Out.

Hankering a Haystack

One of the family favorites, which turns out to not be a favorite after all, according to Dale and Bob. Oh well, I served it anyway, and DH and I enjoyed it. The beauty of the Hawaiian Haystack is that you are free to use whatever you have on hand. We were out of town on grocery day, so were limited to strictly pantry ingredients.

4 cups cooked rice

1 can chicken breast

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can pineapple chunks

1 tiny can green chiles

1 can black olives

1 cup shredded cheese

1 little bowl of bacon bits

1 little bowl of coconut

1 little bowl of raisins

Heat up the canned chicken and the soup until nice and hot. Serve over hot rice and garnish with whatever floats your boat. My first helping was Mexican inspired, with the chiles, cheese and black olives. Second helping was more Asian inspired with raisins, pineapple and coconut. Just have fun with it. I love freshly chopped vegetables with this meal: tomatoes, green onions, shredded carrots, chopped celery OR chopped nuts like cashews and peanuts. If you do a google search on Haystacks, you will be inundated with the most beautiful photographs of some serious Haystack action. Here’s our humble spread. If we have to live off of our food storage, we will not do too badly.

“Progress, Not Perfection”, She Said

Shout out to my sistah for the great quote. I did it! In spite of “Tori” pulling an all-nighter last night, I still got on today. That makes five in a row, and I will get to purchase a song! I have a strong suspicion that I will be choosing a song from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Etherealanna and I are going to see the movie tonight! I practiced restraint and only put one exclamation point there, even though I wanted to put, like, 100. I am so stinkin’ excited about this movie. I went back and read the first book again a couple days ago.

Katniss is the best kind of heroine; she’s not one of those dopes who says, “What was that noise in the dark scary basement? I think I’ll go check even though I’m only wearing my see-through tank top and bikini bottoms!” Oh no. Katniss is the kind of heroine who set snares in the basement last week and knows how to dress a kill. This is going to be awesome! Tune in next week to see what song I chose as my exercising reward. Have a great weekend.

Voltage Running Through Her Skin

Yes, I use lines from songs as blog titles; sue me. (Actually, please don’t sue me. I can’t afford it.)

So, this is what I was going to write the other day. A letter to myself regarding my morning walk/runs:

Dear Girl with Numbers in Your Name (You’re not fooling anyone, BTW)

I just wanted to remind you of a few things. I wanted to remind you of the flood of endorphins that rush through your system about halfway through your morning walk. I wanted to remind you of the sense of accomplishment you feel when that timer goes off and you did it, and you worked hard, and you made yourself go faster than you wanted to. I wanted to remind you of the glorious feeling of sweaty stinkiness-proof that you exerted yourself and did a favor for your heart. I wanted to remind you of your awesome blood pressure and resting heart rate. I wanted to remind you of the obstacles that you are overcoming every time you get up on that treadmill and make it happen. One last thing, try to remember how you feel when your favorite upbeat songs are pounding in your ears and you are excited to be moving and be alive. Keep up the good work and shake off your mistakes. And don’t be embarrassed to be all charged by that Katy Perry song, you know, that Firework song. It’s cool to move.



The Flower Birthday Cake

When Tori wants something, Tori gets it. Within reason, of course. So, she asked for a flower cake for her birthday. Autism is fun because it is so literal. She could have very well meant a cake made out of real flowers, but I went with a more doable version. It was a great opportunity to teach Etherealanna how to make frosting roses, a skill I learned back in the day when I was in the Young Women program at church. I won’t tell you how many years ago that was. Behold our beautiful birthday creation:






Happy Pain

Ever get a knot in your b*tt? Such fun. Then you get to say that things are a pain in the b*tt and you’re dead serious.

Anyway, I really slacked last week, as witnessed by the dearth of blogging entries. I have so much to say today though. Etherealanna and myself made a gorgeous birthday cake for Tori, and I am excited to publish photos of it. But I’m saving that for tomorrow I think.

My sis just called me so this is it for my post. Have a great one.


It’s true. I’ve already missed two days this week. Also, had Arby’s the other night ’cause DH was out of town. There went my incentive to cook. Plus it was a rotten day.

So I did my piddly 15 minutes this morning. It does feel good to sweat. And speaking of sweat…my town is having some unseasonal warm and humid weather…I’m anticipating a huge bug population. The good news is that DH suggested pragmatically this morning that PROBABLY we will get a seasonable cold snap at which point it should kill off extra bugs. Shiver.

In search of some workout tunes, oh and, Etherealanna filched my ear buds so I’m not listening to my mp3 player lately. I think I’m going to buy a song off the Titan AE soundtrack for last week’s reward. Alas, won’t get one this week! But it’s “Tori’s” birthday, so we’re eating pizza tonight anyway…what’s the point in exercising if you’re going to eat out a lot? Have fun with that logic. Make it a good day for someone else.

A shout out to D.D. for forwarding me a list of great workout songs, according to Livesong anyway. It was fun to hear what trainers like to use to fire up their clients. A lot of them were pretty testosteronish, but I did find a fun D.J. Ever hear of Tiesto?

Positive Life

Boo hoo, I didn’t exercise yesterday so I won’t get to buy myself a song at the end of the week. BUT, I still haven’t bought my song from last week.

I hopped on my treadmill this morning and really enjoyed the Writing Excuses podcast. But none of this has anything to do with Whats4Dinner…

I wanted to write about our meatball minestrone we had last week that was SO yummy. Form meatballs and place on baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until browned. It only takes like twenty minutes. Then add the meatballs to your soup mixture. You have sauted onions and garlic, carrots and potatoes and celery, and then added diced tomatoes, canned or fresh, Italian seasoning and beef broth. You can add noodles about ten minutes before serving if you like. I served the soup with hot dog bun breadsticks. Ever hear of those? You won’t believe it.

I used to have “Cooking for Two” by Betty Crocker when DH and I were just starting out our lives together. So many wonderful recipes in there. Hot dog buns, split in half and then buttered on both flat sides. Then cut them again lengthwise and season with garlic salt. IF you don’t have garlic salt, lemon pepper actually made a very nice substitute. Then you bake them at 400 for 10 minutes. They’re crispy and delicate! Enjoy.