About Work

I have been living a life of ease, thanks to my hard-working husband. In a society where two-income households are practically necessary, I have never had to leave the house to bring home more bacon. Is SAHMing hard? Well, yes, it is. It’s certainly no picnic. But I have been thinking about the notion of work this morning. Not 9 to 5 work, but working at something to the point of pain, in order to achieve something else. I skimmed some personal anecdotes of college students this morning, and just reading about their difficult classes and tests gave me anxiety. And a little regret too…not having finished a degree of any kind. I realize that there is the trade-off: some anxiety, some hard work for a length of time, and now you can publish your name with two distinct letters and the year behind it. I was also thinking about work while on the treadmill this morning. I stopped after one podcast; it was 17 minutes. I could have stopped there. But last week I made it up to 30, so why not go another round? I started another podcast, and was really feeling it. There will be a greater benefit to my body because of the greater work it took to manage a second round of walking. Our whole lives are about work, and learning to love it, so that you can enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Without work, we don’t appreciate the times of not working. I am so thankful for  my husband who works hard and allows me to stay at home and exercise and wax poetic about not working. Of course, I do have a lot of laundry waiting for me today. Out.

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