No Photos of Last Night’s Dinner

But it was truly scrumptious, in spite of me being L-A-Z-Y. I boiled a bunch of linguini noodles. I had most of the ingredients I needed for an Alfredo sauce, (except for heavy cream, darn it!) and a can of spaghetti sauce. The can was a gift; it came in a box of unexpected groceries left by a neighbor who said she didn’t need them. Five kids and counting, I will take extra food without batting an eye. So usually we get our sauce from a jar; the pretty picture on the can was intriguing and I wanted to use it. I like serving pasta with two separate sauces. The kids will eat one or the other, and I can never decide which flavor to choose, so I end up having both. We had taco meat leftover from Taco Salad night which I added to the spaghetti sauce. It lacked salt…it was a simple matter to add some. But let’s not dwell on the canned tomato sauce.

Let’s dwell instead, on the divine Alfredo sauce that I stirred up in my awesome non-stick skillet. This bad boy is four inches deep and has a glass lid. I love this skillet. Anyway, I started out with some olive oil and some already minced/bottled garlic. Then I added butter and potato starch. (Flour would work too, but you know me…the whole gluten-thing. Never mind that I was boiling semolina linguini in the other pot. Moving on…) Then I added room temperature cream cheese and 2% milk. Added fresh ground pepper. Finally, the Asiago cheese. I forgot to mention!!! I stir-fried some chicken bites and removed them from the pan when they were done, reserving the fat-free broth that remained. So then I had this lovely cheesy Alfredo sauce to which I added the cooked chicken at the end. My husband is crazy about my Alfredo sauce.

The lazy part? I had romaine and Greek vinaigrette in the fridge that we could have had with our meal, but I was too lazy to get it out OR to ask anyone else to get it out. It would have been a nice addition to the meal. Have a lovely day; we are getting sunshine and nice weather all day!

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