Issues on My Plate

Listening to writing podcasts instead of music while I walk/run has been extremely interesting. I think because I am moving while listening that I am probably internalizing these short lessons better than if I was just listening and doing nothing else. Of course, I still need to sit down and work on my fiction which I haven’t done, but I am getting closer to it.

I have things going on in my life that are threatening to take over and sink me, but I have also made some inroads in overcoming those same issues. As I think about it, you could probably diagnose ‘issues’ just by seeing what my family has been eating lately. I wrote about the pasta night that had no side dishes. But have I mentioned Jimmy John’s night? Grocery story deli night? Arby’s night? Exactly. The less I am cooking for my family, the more obvious it is that there is stuff going on in my head and my life precluding me from doing things I should be doing…like feeding my family. But I am forgiving myself for this lack. A person can only do so much. The good news: we bought a car. That will take one big issue off my plate. Second good news: Resources from an excellent special ed teacher will help me take care of “Tori” better. Next big issue off my plate. Third good news: Acquiring a mental health professional. That will put me on the road to scraping issues off my plate. So there are good things in the wings. I think creative people are prone to mental health dysfunctions, for whatever reason. So I am embracing the darkness. Wish me luck. Fourth good news: Exercised ALL week. I get to buy something!! Will it be a song? Or a Kindle book? Ooooh, I can’t decide!

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