“Progress, Not Perfection”, She Said

Shout out to my sistah for the great quote. I did it! In spite of “Tori” pulling an all-nighter last night, I still got on today. That makes five in a row, and I will get to purchase a song! I have a strong suspicion that I will be choosing a song from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Etherealanna and I are going to see the movie tonight! I practiced restraint and only put one exclamation point there, even though I wanted to put, like, 100. I am so stinkin’ excited about this movie. I went back and read the first book again a couple days ago.

Katniss is the best kind of heroine; she’s not one of those dopes who says, “What was that noise in the dark scary basement? I think I’ll go check even though I’m only wearing my see-through tank top and bikini bottoms!” Oh no. Katniss is the kind of heroine who set snares in the basement last week and knows how to dress a kill. This is going to be awesome! Tune in next week to see what song I chose as my exercising reward. Have a great weekend.

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