Apple Blossoms and the Weekend from Hell



It was supposed to be a lovely little trip. Staying at hotels with pools and seeing family. The seeing family part WAS lovely, but everything else tanked.

The pool water was freezing. It was an indoor pool. “Tori” smashed her finger in the door and it turned purple. Also, she screamed about it for an hour and a half. Then she went to sleep, blessedly, at 8:30pm. Then she got up at 11pm and stayed up until 4am. That was the first night. The second night, we were ALL exhausted from the previous night, all of us except “Etherealanna” who had spent the week with cousins. She was well-rested, and therefore, not very compassionate to the rest of us when we refused to get dressed and go get her sleeping things out of the van at 10:30 at night. So she began to throw a very loud fit. Keep in mind we are at a hotel. Things escalated as the not very patient parents joined in the shouting match. At some point I realized we really were going to get kicked out of the hotel unless I did something. So I got dressed and escorted her down to the van so that we could sleep in the van. I didn’t want to retrieve the sleeping stuff (blanket and stuffed animal for my child who will be turning 12 in TWO MONTHS.) and take it back to the hotel room, because that would be sending the message that all she has to do is shout and whine to get her way. So I listened to Coast to Coast AM (which, really, is THE most awesome talk radio show of all time) and put gas in the van, and got myself food at McDonald’s and hung out until I absolutely could not hold it any longer and we had to go back in the hotel so I could take care of business. Of course she managed to sneak her sleeping stuff in, and completely exhausted, went back to the quiet and dark hotel room to sleep the rest of the morning. This child invites abuse like no other, and yet I refrain. That must be worth something. It has to be worth something, because I always imagine that throttling her would be so satisfying. I think at one point I threatened to do that and told her if the police took me away, at least I would get to sleep in jail. Yes, it was a lovely night, a lovely trip. I told my family that we will never be going anywhere again, and I meant it. For a little comic relief, here is Farley with the bowl of cereal he poured for himself this morning.


One thought on “Apple Blossoms and the Weekend from Hell

  1. oh yikes! i just dont even know what to say, other than, I love you and you are a great mom! Despite the testing and trials of motherhood… keep calm and carry ear plugs…

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