Trend Spotting with Farley


Second day in a row he poured himself a big one. This child.

On to workout news. Today’s lineup was pretty cool: I have two songs from the Nickelodeon movie “Lemonade Mouth” that really get my feet moving. They are “She’s So Gone” and “Determinate”. Very nice tunes. I started my walk with a nice slow  “Hard Habit to Break”. It was a good workout.

And finally, I have to say a word or two about Autism Awareness Month. I never heard of “Light It Up Blue” until yesterday. This is a campaign by Autism Speaks to bring awareness to the general public about Autism and its proliferation. I just found out yesterday that the incidence of Autism in my home state is 1 in 83. Shocking number. I fell asleep last night imagining every house in my neighborhood putting up blue yard lights in honor of my “Tori” who regularly freaks out, but then sometimes gives me the sweetest smile that it breaks my heart. I will be running out soon to buy some blue light bulbs. And you will note my nice Blue Blog today.

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