Working on the Treadmill

That’s what Farley was doing yesterday at some undisclosed time after yesterday’s workout. I discovered the treadmill in the evening, almost completely dismantled. See, he likes to take screws out of things. He has disassembled many cars and trucks from Goodwill in this manner. He doesn’t try to put them back together, and has learned to throw the screws and loose parts away. (If it’s from Goodwill, I usually don’t care.) So last night upon my discovery, (oh the horror!) I asked him where the screws were. “In the trash!” He said happily. Luckily they were in the office trash can, and not the disgusting kitchen trash can. He got them all out for  me and “Bob” and I put it back together. We must have done all right because this morning’s walk/run was just fine. At some point I suppose we will have to teach Farley how to put things back in the manner in which he found them.

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