Dreaming of Cupcakes

So I mentioned that the other night I dreamed about cupcakes, right? Loads of cupcakes, they all looked delicious. I had a cherry vanilla flavored one. When I woke up, I swallowed the bitter pill that it was just a dream.

Ever hear of Living Social? Of course you have! There was a voucher for a local cupcake joint; it was only 5 bucks for 10$ worth of cake. Took a little jaunt there today, and boy oh boy. Dreams do come true.

Front to back, right to left: Boston Cream Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Cookie Dough, Lemon, Banana Split, Caramel Apple Pie, Strawberry Cream. I can only vouch for the Caramel Apple Pie, Boston Cream Pie and Orange Creamsicle…but they were ALL divine! The others I am saving for family members to come home from work and school. They will be so excited. Oh, and I didn’t eat all three that I mentioned, lest you think I am a pig. I had the Boston Cream Pie and shared bites with “Etherealanna” and “Farley”. They had Caramel Apple Pie and Orange Creamsicle. Ya be JEALOUS.

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