Watching and Walking

Walked a little longer today because I was watching GBTV. Glenn Beck had a panel of people who were familiar with Communist regimes…some of them barely escaped with their lives. What does Communism have to do with my dinky treadmill or my blog title…What’s4dinner? Well…let’s talk about food rationing. As soon as the government decides that it knows better how to distribute food, grow food and make food, then food production goes down. I heard a guy talk about receiving his card from the government that allowed his family of four to buy 800 grams of sausage for a month. Then they would take their card to the stores and stand in line to buy their food. I had to look up grams to pounds…his family got 1.76 lbs of sausage for a month! Wow! Lucky dogs! Speaking of dogs, I heard a prominent radio talk show host mention in passing that in Communist and Socialist countries, people eat dogs. Chew on that for a while.

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