Surprisingly Filling Meatless Meal

Yes, I walked, thanks for asking. On to food:

“Bob” wanted to fix pretzels yesterday, and the recipe called for enough flour that I figured it could be our evening meal. DH prepared two pints of beautiful red strawberries and I threw a bag of salad on the table as an afterthought. Tostitos Medium heat cheese sauce and mustard were pretzel topping choices. The pretzels turned out GREAT. We boiled them first, then baked them until they were golden brown. I thought we might all be hungry still, but frankly, we all stuffed ourselves silly, and there was a little pretzel left over too. And we didn’t even touch the salad. It was a fun dinner. If you’re so inclined, and have a few hours to prepare, find a good pretzel recipe online and try it.

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