Unusual Food Combos and Coal Energy

What on earth does the one thing have to do with the other? Um…nothing.

I like to salt my cantaloup. I like peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. DH likes to dip his pizza rolls in applesauce, or Doritos in yogurt. What are the strange food combinations that you indulge in? “Bob” likes to dip his graham crackers in water so they get really mushy before he eats it. “Tori” puts everything in her mouth.

Now on to Coal Energy.

Sometime this year, the EPA is going to try and implement a new regulation (so cool how the EPA’s reason for existence is to regulate laws it creates. Brilliant.) that prohibits coal mines from mining UNDER (significantly *under*, as in 800 feet) ditches that have water in them for part of the year. It’s called the Stream Buffer Zone, or something like that. Never mind that mining 800 feet underground doesn’t actually impact the environment above it, the streams or ditches etc. It’s the best way to mine coal. Well, you say, COAL is DIRTY and FILTHY and pollutes the air! Okay, show me some photographs of places where coal smoke is smogging up the air in the United States. Come on, surely you can find one. No? Oh that’s right, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity has spent 100 Billion (I was going to put the zeros in when I realized I don’t know how many zeros are in a billion.) dollars on investing in cleaner practices over the past twenty years. If the EPA successfully implements this Stream Buffer regulation, it will Bankrupt the coal mines. You’re thinking, well, COAL is so stinky and dirty, that’s probably for the best. Really? Hmm? Did you know that 52% of the electricity produced in the United States is from COAL-FIRED ELECTRICITY? Why not practice going halfsies on the electricity that you use right now. Will that change the quality of your life? Maybe just a little? Let’s just imagine for a moment that the EPA successfully bankrupts coal mines. Never mind the scores and scores and scores of jobs that will be lost. Currently, the cost of electricity created through coal fuel is .04 a kilowatt hour nationally, compared to .22 cents a kilowatt hour that Obama wants it to cost (by replacing it with solar and wind energy). Well, you say, we’ll just replace COAL energy with solar and wind energy! It will be paradisaical! Okay, well, the nation doesn’t actually have the solar and wind plants to replace the usage that America currently enjoys. So we’re talking brown-outs and blackouts. No big deal? Maybe not for you. That’s a freaking honking big deal to me and my family. My kids are rabid without electricity. But moving on…

Let’s just say that the EPA is successful in implementing this regulation with regard to people on fixed incomes. Consider the Baby Boomer generation who is approaching a fixed income on average of 31,408 $ a year. Currently, the percentage of their income going to energy is 21%. As a result of bankrupting coal mines, that percentage would go up to 78% (for people of 10,000$ a year income). And liberals LOVE to say how conservatives are always trying to get grandma to eat dog food. But I digress.

Anyone watch the Hunger Games? Notice how the district that produced coal didn’t get to use the electricity it produced? Notice how the people were starving and hard-worked and miserable? Notice the high-speed train that took the tributes to the beautiful Capital of Panem? I don’t know if Suzanne Collins knew what she was doing, but I found the movie to be darn right prophetic if our current administration gets its way. It’s time for the people to get up off the office chair, get off facebook, and get involved in the government. Our quality of life is about to be drastically changed, FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED, in fact, in Obama’s own words.

How about this for unusual food combinations: bread and water only. Out.

One thought on “Unusual Food Combos and Coal Energy

  1. bam! snap! kapow!!! thats what I heard while reading your post! shazam! tell it like it is sister! or, the sound of Americans running out of power!

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