Affection? from Teenagers

So…”Dale” and “Bob” left to go to a church activity last night. They arrived home a full hour and a half before they were due, exclaiming loudly what a great activity it had been. Clearly, they were lying to me. They thrust a Frutista Freeze in my hand declaring it a peace offering. It was 1/4 of the way full.

I got the dirt, and they freely confessed to bailing on the church activity by lying to the religious leader as they walked out the door. Makes Mama so proud. (she said drily.)

Later that night, they again professed how the Frutista Freeze should have expunged all negative consequences for them. I told them, “That wasn’t a peace offering; it was leftovers!” (They don’t know that I drank it anyway when noone was looking.)

Then the whole truth came out. They realized as they pulled into the drive at home that Mom was going to question their presence and their side trip to T-Bell. Thinking quickly, they poured the remainders of their Freezes into one cup to give to Mom. She’ll never notice that it’s mostly gone.

I had to laugh at the mental image their explanation evoked. Two squirrely boys snickering and foregoing that last luscious swig of strawberry goodness to try and boondoggle their mom into forgiveness. Maybe next time they’ll leave more and I’ll think about it.


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